Quality Initiatives

Quality Initiatives

Business Philosophy

Our company carries out business activities on the basis of continuous improvement with the intention to providing a positive impact to everything our company affects.

  • We carry out business activities with consideration for the environment.
  • We contribute to our customers and society through our products.
  • We provide our employees with a workplace offering self-fulfillment and affluent life
  • We consider profits to be the result of contribution to society, and seek permanent development of company and responsibility for our shareholders.

Quality Philosophy

Quality is the Life of the Company

  • Control is a basis of quality.
  • The best quality develops market.
  • Perfect service gains the trust of our customers.

Quality Policy

Our company seeks permanent development, and will continue to provide quality products that satisfy all of our customers.

Our company observes quality management system based on the requirements of the ISO-9001 standard, and through its continuous improvement, we maintain and improve our quality, and provide the products which satisfies our customers.
Our company has established and implements a quality management system, and continuously improves the effectiveness of that system to achieve the following implementation.

  •  As a matter of course, our company complies with all laws, regulations and safety requirements. Furthermore, all employees without exception recognize the importance of fulfilling and strictly adhering to customers' requirements.
  • Our company has formulated and implements quality targets with the goal of "zero claim from customers". evaluates its achievement of that target and seeks continuous improvement.

    ①We based on our Quality Policy for setting of quality target and review framework.
    ②Our quality target must be the one which is possible to evaluate the appropriateness, the validity and the effectiveness for our customers' requirements.

Motofumi Tsumura

Certification Record

  • 2006: ISO9001:2000 - Certified
  • 2018: ISO9001:2015 - Renewed

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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

We seek continuous improvement of our environmental management system and our environmental performance.

Quality Initiatives

Quality Initiatives

We continue to provide quality products that satisfies all clients, to seek perpetual growth for our firm.